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Upcoming Where’s the Word Release Date: 12/23



Hello, fellow foreign language learners!

We have an exciting new game coming down the pike, ready for release on Tuesday, December 23rd! Just in time for Christmas. Unfortunately, it’s not the kind of thing you can stuff in a stocking, but maybe it could come in a brand new Android phone! (the release is Android only for now)

The game is called Where’s the Word? It’s a cute little game perfect for young learners, and adults who just feel young, and are interested in learning the very important and interesting language. On December 23rd, in this case, that language is English, as the release will be in English, geared towards the ESL market in greater Asia.

However, stay tuned for the upcoming release of the Chinese version for the CSL (Chinese as a second language) learners! We will be announcing the release date for that in a few months or so.

So, let’s get right down to what the game is all about. First, it’s about making a second language fun. The main character is you, who has discovered a dinosaur egg! Much to you and your friend’s surprise, the egg hatches, and a cute little not-at-all scary dinosaur pops out! His name is Qbau! He’s cute, and not quite like any other dinosaur you’ve ever seen before.

Much to everyone’s chagrin, Qbau’s hatching triggers an ancient spell which spontaneously turns all the objects (pretty much) of the Earth into cards! Don’t worry, Qbau knows what to do. You and Qbau have to help each other learn Chinese words (or English words, for the English version) and collect the corresponding cards in a huge, beautifully crafted scavenger hunt, a la Where’s Waldo?

Only this time, time is of the essence! Race against the clock to get clues to what the words mean, find the corresponding card in the intricate picture clusters, and earn new cards and coins! The cards can be gathered and used to accomplish various kinds of achievements to earn new coins and open new levels, and the coins can be used to purchase more lives.

It’s great for all ages, but especially young learners, or just the young-at-heart learners! Play with your friends, parents, or even complete strangers! Just kidding, better not go up and talk to strangers. :)

Don’t forget to log in every day to earn free rewards coins! It’s just our way of encouraging you to be learning new things every day. Practice makes perfect, you know. ;)

On behalf of everyone at Quick Language Learning, we hope you enjoy our creations, and the many many more to come! Never stop learning!


Jason Roberts

Head of Development at QLL

Pocket Chinese Tutor on Android was recommended by NUU Chinese Teachers

It’s been 2 years from the day QLL released Pocket Chinese Tutor on Android Market, today Pubu e-books released the “53 Recommended Apps for Chinese Learning App Developers”, editing by a group of Chinese Literature majored students from National United University in Taiwan, here is the book cover:

Should you be interested in the contents here:


Chinese is becoming more and more important for foreigners, 2 years ago we did the first Chinese learning app named “Pocket Chinese Tutor”, last year we released the “Kung Fu Chinese” to make Chinese learning even funnier. So we receive many customers request for more words and average score 4.5 for the app.

We will continue to do good apps and fit Chinese learning into your lifestyle, thank you whoever download our apps!


Kung Fu Chinese – Have Fun With Chinese Characters

Good News!

After 2010 Pocket Chinese Tutor was released and selling to 130 countries, this year, a whole brand new interesting app “Kung Fu Chinese” is now released in Android Market (oops, iPhone users have to wait a little longer).

Kung Fu Chinese is a free funny app, it is a small game by posing a question related to the Chinese Character, people who have no idea of what Chinese Character is, you may give a wild guess or just choose by instinct, you will find the answer’s Character’s stroke, prononciation and the the meaning of the Character. It is like a flashcard to learn Chinese, it is proven to be the best way to learn another language.

Just give a wild guess, you’ll find the answer at the end and by few many times playing, you’ll gradually remember what the character is.

It is totally free, no need to keep going online, download this once and enjoy it forever! All the Characters are saved in the history, you may practice anyone anytime, just have fun playing with Chinese Characters!

Don’t forget to rate 5 stars for Kung Fu Chinese, any question please contact .

Lantern Festival in Taiwan

Right after Asian Lunar New Year, kids are still on their winter holidays, the second important to New Year’s eve is Lantern Festival, as the name it is, we have lantern everywhere!

15th of Jan. on Lunar Calendar is the Lantern Festival, as round as the moon is today, we eat dumpling together with whole family, it has to be all 圓圓滿滿, both sweet sesame and meat filling dumpling, they are round shape like the moon and made of flour.

After Lantern Festival the winter vacation is coming to the end, kids are now ready to go to school, what they hate most is the unfinished holiday homework~~


Happy Asian Lunar New Year

Chinese New Year is being used for a long time, due to political reason, President Obama change its term to Asian Lunar New Year.

Whether how you name it, it is most welcome by kids in China, HK and Taiwan. Kids receive red envelop from all relatives and other adults. Parents and adults are not so easy during this great big festival in Asia, they prepare rich food and cash, most of the people close the store and business for couple days in this special holiday. They went to the market buying rice cake and fish, pray for the harvest of the upcoming year.

This Lunar Year is extra ordinary to Chinese and Taiwanese because it is Dragon year.

The Dragon is a creature of myth and legend. A symbol of good fortune and sign of intense power, the Oriental Dragon is regarded as a divine beast – the reverse of the malicious monster that Westerners felt necessary to find and slay. In Eastern philosophy, the Dragon is said to be a deliverer of good fortune and a master of authority. Therefore, those people born in Dragon years are to be honored and respected.

That is why the birthrate is extra high in Dragon Lunar Year!

Anyway, no matter which Chinese horoscope you are belongs to, you have your own strength and weakness. We wish you all the best for the Dragon Year!

How to learn Chinese for beginners?

We used to learn language by a tutorial book and a CD that we can hear and see the graphic at the same time, how lucky we are that today we have iPad, iPhone and any smartphone which can support sound and graphic at the same time.

As to get familiar to another language, listen to bilingual story is a powerful way for both kids and adults, one phrase of your language following by another language, sounds easy but most of the mobile apps only give you the choices of languages not the phrase by phrase bilingual story.
We are always finding excuses of our laziness, I find this guy is damn right about how people learn Chinese,

Yes, you need a stack of flashcards, it is so convenience that you don’t even have to prepare by yourself, go to Appstore and download whatever fit your need.
Or download bilingual storybooks from Q.L.L., try to listen to the story and feel the difference!



Android Market

OK, do it now!

Try this, Learn Spanish with Powerful Storytelling way!


Learn Spanish?

Hate to memorized the words?

Hate to repeat so many times?

Hate to go to tutoring school?

Try this Powerful Storytelling Way of Spanish Learning -

Heard the Brothers Grimm’s story – The Frog Prince?

Storytelling is one of the most enjoyable and effective techniques to learn a new language.

When you read or tell stories to people you immerse them in rich language in context, which in turn leads to higher levels of sophistication in speech and literacy.

Spanish is spoken in upwards of 20 countries worldwide with an estimated 450 to 500 million native speakers worldwide. The U.S. is home to many first- and second-generation Spanish speakers, according to Business week magazine, more students studying for a MBA in today’s world are choosing to become multilingual; two of the top ten MBA schools outside the U.S. are located in Spain. This means that being bilingual (Spanish and English) will continue to become more valuable for people who live in the U.S.

In addition, this app is also with selection of Chinese dubbed and subtitles, should you like to start the third language, and it can also help you to learn Chinese through storybooks.

Are you learning Spanish? Try it now!


Longing for a trip?

Don’t just think about it, book your trip and download “101 World Tour” on your iPhone now!


We save your budget for traveling, download once, enjoy forever.
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