An update of Q.L.L. 2013

Q.L.L. offer apps targeting children ages 3-8 years old. We have published over 140 iOS and Android apps. Our apps are available in 5 languages: Traditional & Simplified Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean and Spanish.

Broadly speaking, our apps fall into the following categories: language acquisition, children’s stories and general learning. Our target is to build 300 apps as a step by step preschoolers learning system. We are able to track the user’s learning behavior in each and every second of using our apps, which enable us to make personalized recommendations of your kids learning.

Having a significant installed user base, we are able to push out new titles without any marketing spend. At any given time, we have between 10 to 20 titles on the top 100 app list in the education category for both Google Play and the iTunes store.

Based on our 300,000 active monthly users, we are able to monetize through a combination of mobile ads, paid apps and sponsored apps.

If you are Tablet, Smart TV, TV Box or any android hardware manufacturer, wish to TRANSFORM YOUR DEVICE INTO AN EDUTAINMENT TOY FOR KIDS, we can offer you a great package of kids apps.

Contact us:
Phone: +886227297017

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